Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Webby Awards: My Picks

The om-nom-nominees for this years Webby Awards have been announced, and in the great tradition of all last-minute journalist I present my favorites for the interestingnets night of nights.

Category: Activism
My pick: Rock the Vote
Reason: It's been a long while since I thought of myself as a "young person", but I support the idea of a website that encourages "young people" to vote in USA elections. They have recently proven their ability to upset the status quo in electing Barack Obama, who I would have voted for if I were a "young person" in the USA.

Category: Art
My pick: Live Hope Love
Reason: Basically, this was the one site I found least annoying to view. It's Jamaican, it's photographic, there are poems about holding your dick in your hand.

There are a million categories. I'll cut a long story short.

Category: Games Related
My pick: The Escapist
Reason: Yahtzee. That is all. wasn't nominated, though that was the website I spent the most time on in '08/'09. A moral win there.

Don't forget to vote. I did.

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