Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Strange Notion

Just a quick glass of wine before bed. It's early, but I am very tired, and it occurred to me that the illusion of continuity every one gets by on day after day most breaks down when we're tired.

Continuity of self is the feeling that we have been here all along and that we will must likely continue being here, at least in the immediate future. I'm not talking about the whole of the human race, just me, personally. I was playing an X box game which I'd last played just yesterday, and was then beating comprehensively, but today the button combinations just weren't working for me, which was making me very frustrated. I wondered, in a moment of clarity, if it was possible that my memories had been implanted into a clone body, one fresh out of the tank: a body which had never seen or played with an X box before, but had a perfect memory of doing so, just yesterday.

I probably won't feel this way tomorrow. I expect my memories will be re-inserted in my original body while I sleep.

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