Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Blue Apples

Why call my blog The Noon Blue Apples?

The explanation is tied up with my long ago fascination with the mystery of Rennes Le Chateau, probably one of the greatest hoaxes of the twentieth century. The reference comes from a cypher written in french which translates as follows:

"Shepardess no temptation that Poussin Teniers hold the key peace 681 by the cross and the horse of God I complete this Daemon guardian at noon blue apples."
Robert Anton Wilson, who first noticed the 23 Enigma, drew my attention to "noon blue apples" in the encyclopedic Everything is Under Control. The phrase is tied up with the fictional novel Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, which was the subject of a plagiarism suit involving Dan Brown in 2006. The original authors of the ideas lost their suit because they had originally given the ideas out as non-fiction.

Blue Apples to me is the key to understanding nonsense for the sake of nonsense. The cypher allows us to take two tracks; believe it or don't. If the mystery of Rosslyn Chapel and other hallmarks of the Priory of Sion conspiracy theory are real, then we live in an insane world. I prefer to treat it as nonsense.

There is a 2002 movie called Noon Blue Apples. I will endeavour to track it down and review it.

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